when she gave me
an intuitive astrology
reading i felt known to her.
seen by her.
held by her.
tara bliss
author || spiritual practice coach
founder beautiful you
coaching academy
"I absolutely loved my birth chart reading with Caroline. She was incredibly intuitive, knowledgeable and amazingly insightful. Caroline was my perfect connection and I cannot recommend her highly enough." julie parker
life coach, writer
and inspirational speaker.
"I could feel the love, passion and care she had poured into the reading and I felt incredibly supported and understood. Her guidance helped me see the beauty and power of all the lessons." connie chapman
reflexologist "Caroline offers a deep reach into the true inner space within. Her advice and original approach to my chart gave me clarity with without her ever imposing her opinion, while guiding me toward my own intuition." jessica
soul seeker "During the reading of my sky chart, I had the impression that she was decrypting in places where I myself didn’t always have the words to express how I felt. She has a deep desire to accompany you into the discovery of yourself. " nafomi
marie naturopath

"Caroline takes the time to translate the messages of the cosmos in order to lighten your life path by starlight. With softness and benevolence, she values both the shadows and light that have been guiding us since our birth taking care to teach the stellar and planetary basics. What a joy to share a session with her, so close even at opposite ends of the world!

naturopath "After my session with Caroline, I felt a real and powerful feeling of well-being envelop me: a sort of calmness, a softness. It's been an amazing extra tool to better cope with obstacles and important times in my life." melanie
project coordinator "Caroline shined the light on certain points of my inner darkness, which helped me to take certain decisions more easily. Her kindness and respect during our session helped me follow my light and to feel no longer alone." cmn
engineer "Caroline analyzed my astral theme and her work was strongly revelatory for me. The session was recorded, and it was through listening to it again that her words and the clues that she had shown made so much sense." camille
coach || mentor "Caroline is one of the most intuitive people I know. She has powerful insights about her clients and supports them to come alive. Her knowledge of myths, Goddesss culture, and jungian archetypes make her sessions truly special." christine rose elle