apprenticeship program In this journey together I transmit the sacredness of Oracle, tarot, and intuitive astrology to deepen your knowledge of the planets, moon, and goddesses of mythology. Each 9 month apprenticeship is customized to your uniqueness and learning style.
Who its for 01 people who want to incorporate astrological language and vision into their work and anyone who's called to go deep into the world of stars to become a star oracle and translator of the sky coaches & healers
what's included 02 one on one sessions
deep dive into your personal chart
goddess mythology training
oracle * tarot * astrology basics
customized curriculum
2 monthly one-hour sessions
email access
nine months
what to expect 03 A deep understanding of intuitive astrology and a way to use astrological language in your work as well as a profound, spiritual experience of self-actualization in harmony with the cosmos. $297 per month
When alchemists find their gold, they can dance like a star. caroline moye

I learned astrology through many ways reading, observing the sky, working with the planetary messages from my dreams, calculating, understanding, studying and studying...but most powerfully, through one on one teaching. This type of individualized transmission based on your own chart has been one of the most transforming for me. Not only do I understand astrology, but I feel it.

I am drawn to offer this one on one apprenticeship because I love working intimately, going deep and transmitting everything I have learned in my heart and sharing this connection through body, heart and mind. Like one of my masters told me, there are two kinds of astrology. The one that you need to know every calculation. The other is the one on one of the sacred priestess and oracle. You know the language and you light a candle and something appears.

I know it is not a path for everybody because we need a special connection. We all know when the student is ready, the master appears. I also apply it when the master is ready the students appear. For me, to be able to birth and dare to offer this kind of special transmission has been a long journey. I have to follow the depth of my true calling.

 I wanted to embark on a personal sisterhood oracle experience, where magic happens, where we connect with the heart, and soul in our common love for the stars and the planets. I have always known that one of my missions as a transmitter of the stars is enabling people to connect with their own sky and stars, to learn this language so they can be their own star oracle.

I have read, synthesized, and worked more than 8 years on thousands of charts. I want to transmit not only what I have learned, but my experiences. I have established a connection with the alchemy of the stars. Like the planets, signs have become my friend and structure. I see someone, or an event and make a connection with the sky.

The best way to transmit is through learning the grammar of your own sky. This apprenticeship requires patience and commitment because we'll go deep in signs, planets, houses and you might even experience challenges at the beginning when things seem complicated and too much information. Those obstacles are part of the path towards becoming a star oracle.


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Because of the intimate nature of this work
I can only accept 3 students per year.

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work with me Embark on a personal sisterhood oracle
experience, where magic happens and
we connect from the heart & soul
in our common love for the
stars and the planets.
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