Who looks outside,
dreams: who looks inside, awakes.
carl jung

I am a traveler, a wanderer, I love walking in the streets to simply observe people...Imagining where they come from and what they're struggling with. I am an idealist and sometimes I go too far and fly high. I understand the path of groundedness and resting in mother Earth. I love having wings and will never lose them.

I believe we all have an inner alchemist who is able to transform the darkest places into gold. I have been into dark places, but am not afraid of them. Like the Little Prince says in French, "I have to learn to apprivoiser (domesticate) my inner flowers or storms." I am a student of life and wisdom who connects a restless mind with stories, ideas, histories, and imagination. I'll help you find and illuminate your path with your personal sky map of stars, and turn your journey into gold.

meet caroline

I am an Intuitive Astrologer in a quest for authenticity. My journey is the one of a sensitive soul who is learning to transform hypersensitivity into a treasure so I can be of service to other sensitive souls who are their own quest to find their uniqueness and shine into the world.

My fascination with mythology, depth psychology, stars, planets, alchemy and how they impact humanity informs my intuition. I often have tears in my eyes because I am so touched by life, people and our quest to become ourselves, trying to love, to emerge and break free...

My favorite Things traveling
old books
education degrees || certifications

I have a Masters degree in Political Science and Cultural Studies. Before becoming an astrologer, I worked for International Cooperation in Latin & Central America. 

Astrology studies: Jungian astrology, Lunation Matrice (Kreo Astrologia: The Lunar/Solar Rhythm, the spiritual dimension of astrology, and Sacred Feminine & Asteroids (Demetra George) 

Studying to become a certified evolutionary astrologer (Jeff Woolf Green School)

my joy and passion comes from learning.

I studied at the Spanish School of Transpersonal Psychology (2010-2012) and I've done courses in meditation, tarot, and dream exploration in many retreats in Guatemala, in particular at the Piramides del Ka Meditation Centre (2009-2011)

I am a certified Beautiful You Coaching Academy life coach and am currently earning a philosophy degree with an orientation in metaphysics.

*Photos of Caroline by Samüel Berthet